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Size Does Matter
Monster Bass Tournament, Lake El Salto
Dates: June 19th-24th, 2008
          *Dates are Tentative*


June 19th:  Arrive
June 20th:  Practice
June 21st:  Tournament
June 22nd: Tournament
June 23rd:  Tournament
June 24th:   Depart

These rules are preliminary and are subject to change.

There will be a total of 10 fisherman (5 teams), two per boat. Artificial lures of your choice may be used.  Each team will weigh in their largest fish each day. It is suggested that each team weigh in their largest fish at the end of the morning period and may cull that fish with a larger fish in the afternoon period. At the completion of the third day, the total weight of each teams three fish will determine the winner.

This is an opportuntiy to fish for the larger fish El Salto is known for. I expect this to be a very friendly tournament with great attitudes by all involved. Prizes are still being worked on and may include credit torwards a fishing trip on El Salto or Mateos through Anglers Inn, or fishing equipment, or a combination of both. As we near the tournament dates, prizes will be posted.

This will be a filmed tournament and only those who can refrain from foul language and present themselves in a good manner may enter.

The entry cost is $2700 per person and is all inclusive (guides, lodging, meals,etc.) Airfare is at the expense of the team particiapnt.

Any questions concerning this event may call me at 877-847-0181 or contact me via this website.
Location: Anglers Inn, Lake El Salto
We are considering making this a couples only tournament. If we do this, the dates may change.