USA Bassin and El Grande Lures "Big Bass Challenge"

Entry Form (print this page)

Tournament fisherman who have met the requirements (see rules on website) must submit this completed entry form to EL Grande Lures. The information submitted with be cross-checked with USA Bassin for verification. Please submit the entry form within 14 days of catching an eligible tournament "big bass".


Street Address:_____________________________________________________________

City:_______________________________________state:______________zip code:_______________

Daytime Phone:_________________________________________

Purchased El Grande Lures product from (name of online store or location):____________________________________

Please division information where the "big bass" was caught.

USA Bassin Division:________________________________
Date of Catch(m/d/y):________________________________
Weight of Bass:________lbs_______oz

I attest the above information is correct.

_____________________________________    ____________________
Signature                                                          Date

The contestant has personally shown me their bag of El Grande Lures product on the date this contestant won the "big bass pot".

Tournament Director Signature

Please submit entry form to:
El Grande Lures
P.O. Box 636
Linton, IN 47441