Here is a brand new lure only available through El Grande Lures and made for those fisherman seeking the El Grande Bass of Mexico.

The Langostino's true name is "Long Claw River Prawn" and is native to Mexican lakes. I was first introduced to the Langostino by looking at a plate of these fresh water prawns caught from Lake El Salto and served to me on a platter. For years, fisherman have been using baits resembling a crawfish, which only slightly resembles the Langostino. I arranged for a custom mold to be made based on size and shape of this bass food source and ran this by folks living in Mexico.  This lure is truely "CUSTOM".  The body is 7" in length and the long pincers make the lures total length 12". Yes, this is the normal size of the Langostino. The color combination along with the added features make this bait very realistic. The lure is loaded with an ingredient called Craw Cane which is 100% natural salt and crawfish.  This lure is made to last and made for those Grande Mexican Bass. You now can have a lure actually replicating the true food source, the Langostino.  I have added a Pearl Black with Blue Belly (Diablo Negro) by request.
Methods of Rigging: I would suggest either Texas Rigging with a worm weight and  5/0, 6/0, or 7/0 hook. The lure is made to be fished in a retreating defensive manner by rigging from the fin. You can just as easily fish this Carolina style. You could fish this on a jig, but to do so, I would cut off a small portion including the rear fin to make the presentation more realistic.  When you first rig the Langostino, dip it in the water first to soak the leather strips before you cast it out. This will allow any bends to work themselves out.
Live Pictures of a Langostino
Please compare the Langostino Lure on the left to the photos of the Long Claw River Prawn on the right. Now you can have the  lure that those Mexican Grande Bass are used to feeding on.
Many people are asking rigging questions on the Langostino. I prefer to use the custom made jig as shown below to rig this lure. Jigs are available in my store.
Mexico Bass Fishing