El Grande Lures  Pepper Sticks
I am very proud to introduce a product designed for those chasing Mexican "Grande" Bass. I have spent hours speaking with Mexican lodge owners and drawing from my own experiences to perfect the correct color phases of Mexican baitfish. The Pepper Stick is just the right size for your favorite techniques. The lure is very fat in the middle and tapers down to the tail. I think the profile is much more realistic than the common stick bait. These Pepper Sticks have generous salt content for a slow fall and are loaded with shad oil.

I am passionate about using the right lure for a particular situation and was not satisified with the current available lures when fishing in Mexico. When a person spends his or her hard earned money to take a trip of a lifetime to Mexico, why would you not take the right baits.

I am currently offering Pepper Sticks in 6" sizes. There are color phases available that can be used for most water clarity levels in any body of water.

Although I state that these are made for Mexican Waters, they have been highly productive wherever they are fished, from New Mexico to the East Coast.

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