To qualify for the grand prize, order here.

USA BASSIN has teamed up with El Grande Lures to offer a "Once in a Lifetime" opportunity. El Grande Lures, known internationally for producing soft plastics for those pursuing monster bass, will be sponsoring the "Big Bass" contest at each event.

Contest Rules:

    1. All USA BASSIN Divisional tournaments held between January 1, 2010 and August 32, 2010, shall be considered a                  qualifying event.
    2. To be entered into the El Grande Lures Big Bass Challenge, each contestant must have the following:
           a.  Each contestant must have paid into that divisions " Big Bass Pot" for that day's USA BASSIN Divisional
           b.  Each contestant must have an EL Grande Lures bag of lures in their boat at the time the big bass was caught.
                All soft plastic lures manufactured by El Grande Lures is eligible and include, but are not limited to the Gila
                Monster, the EGL Tube, Sapo, and others lures soon to be released. Although USA BASSIN is a team event, this
                contest will only allow an entry for the fisherman who caught the "Big Bass".
    3.  The purchase of the El Grande Lures can be conducted by following the link on the USA BASSIN's website to El
         Grande Lures online store.
    4.  Any contestant who is eligible by following the afore-mentioned requirements, and submits the "Big Bass" for that
         day's USA BASSIN divisional event, must make available to the tournament director, their bag of EL Grande Lures to
         validate the entry. In addition, the contestant must send in an entry from to enter the contest. Entry form will be
         mailed with the contestants order and additional forms are available on this site.
    5.  All contestants who have followed these rules will have their name entered into the final prize drawing to be held at the
         2011 USA BASSIN Classic held May 7 & 8 on Kentucky Lake.
    6.  Each tournament may have only one eligible entry. If the contestant who entered the "Big Bass Pot" for that day's
         event does not have a bag of El Grande Lures available to visibly show the tournament director, their name will not
         be entered into the contest.
    7.  El Grande Lures reserves the right to have the winning contestant submit to a polygraph within 30 days of the contest
         drawing to verify the truthfulness of the contest winner. Failure to submit to the polygraph or proof of deception during
         the polygraph will exclude the contestant and another name will be drawn from the eligible contestants until a winner is             verified.
    8.  Grand Prize:

                 a. The contestant who has satisfied all requirements and is validated as a qualified contest winner will be
                     awarded a 4 night/3 day trip to Pro Bass Adventures lodge on Lake El Salto, Mexico provided by El Grande
                     Lures. Trip includes all lodging costs, meals, guides, and boats during the stay with Pro Bass Adventures.
                 b. Trip prize does not include airfare to and from Mazatlan, Mexico, passport fees, and staff/guides tips. You must
                     be 18 yrs old at the time of the trip and have one year from the date of the prize drawing to take the trip to Lake
                     El Salto with Pro Bass Adventures.
    9.  El Grande Lures and USA BASSIN are not responsible for any injuries or loss relating from travel to and from Lake El
         Salto or while staying with Pro Bass Adventures. The trip is not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash. Prize
         winner will be assisted by El Grande Lures in planning for this trip to include arranging the dates of stay, advisory
         services concerning fishing in Mexico, etc..
   10.  El Grande Lures and USA BASSIN shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, injury, death or damage to persons or           property which results directly or indirectly from any act whether negligent or otherwise of commission or omission
         (including but not limited to delays), or any person, or corporation which is to or does provide product or services in  
         connection with your trip, included but not limited to transportation, services, lodging, food, beverage, entertainment,
         sightseeing, luggage handling, or guiding.